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Building Connections: The Role of Board Members in Enhancing Social Media Engagement

In the digital age, the success of historical and genealogical societies often hinges on their online presence. While having a dedicated social media team is crucial, the active participation of board members can significantly amplify the impact. Here's why it's essential for board members to be active on social media and how they can foster deeper connections:

1. Personal Touch: When board members engage on social media, it adds a personal touch. Their interactions humanize the society, making it more relatable and approachable to members and potential members. 2. Demonstrating Commitment: Active participation of board members signals a deep commitment to the society's mission. It shows that the leadership is not just involved in decision-making but is also keenly interested in community engagement. 3. Expanding Reach: Board members often have extensive networks. By sharing, commenting on, or even simply liking a post, they can significantly increase its reach, exposing the society to a broader audience.

How to Encourage Board Member Engagement: 1. Social Media Training: Not all board members may be tech-savvy. Consider organizing workshops to familiarize them with different platforms and best practices. 2. Create a Content Calendar: Having a content calendar can help board members know when significant posts are scheduled, so they can make an effort to engage with them. 3. Encourage Sharing Personal Stories: Board members can occasionally share their own experiences or discoveries related to history or genealogy, adding a unique perspective to the society's narrative. 4. Host AMAs (Ask Me Anything): Organize monthly or quarterly AMAs where board members answer questions from the community. This not only boosts engagement but also fosters transparency. 5. Recognize and Celebrate: Acknowledge board members who are particularly active or have made notable contributions on social media. This can motivate others to participate more actively. 6. Set Engagement Goals: Having clear, measurable goals can drive engagement. Whether it's a certain number of shares, comments, or posts, setting targets can be motivating. 7. Emphasize the Bigger Picture: Remind board members that their active participation is not just about social media metrics. It's about building a community, preserving history, and helping individuals connect with their roots.

For historical and genealogical societies, social media is not just a tool for announcements. It's a platform for storytelling, engagement, and community-building. When board members actively participate, they amplify the society's voice, making it resonate more profoundly with its audience. In the end, it's all about forging connections, and who better to lead the way than those at the helm?


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