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Facebook Messenger for Genealogy: Engaging with Your Historical and Genealogical Community

The genealogy community is a passionate group, dedicated to uncovering and preserving the stories of the past. As historical and genealogical societies seek to engage their members and the broader community, the digital age offers new tools and platforms. One such tool is Facebook Messenger. But how can genealogical societies harness the power of Messenger to foster deeper connections and engagement?

In this blog post, we'll explore how to optimize your Facebook Messenger strategy specifically for the genealogy community.

Why Direct Messaging Matters for Genealogical Societies

Public interactions on Facebook, such as comments, are becoming less effective for engagement. For many organizations, including genealogical societies, a shift towards Direct Messages (DMs) might be the way forward. Here's why:

  • Audience Reach: As of January 2023, Messenger boasts about 930 million monthly active users. In the U.S., a significant portion of these users fall within the 25-44 age bracket. This demographic is crucial for genealogical societies looking to engage younger members and ensure the longevity of their community.

  • Customer Service: DMs offer a private space to answer queries, share resources, or guide members in their genealogical research.

  • Event Bookings: Societies can use Messenger to facilitate bookings for workshops, lectures, or seminars.

  • Direct Sales: For societies selling publications, historical records, or merchandise, DMs can be a platform for sales, even without a Facebook shop.

  • Remarketing: Societies can retarget members or interested individuals with tailored content, fostering deeper engagement.

Harnessing the Power of Meta's Business Suite Messaging Insights

In June 2023, Meta introduced new messaging insights for Business Suite, providing a wealth of data to help organizations refine their Messenger strategy:

  1. Overview of Messaging Results: This gives a snapshot of your messaging analytics, helping societies understand their reach and engagement levels.

  2. Automated Replies: For societies with limited manpower, automated replies can be a game-changer. They can instantly address common queries, such as membership details, upcoming events, or research resources.

  3. Saved Replies: These are pre-configured responses to frequently asked questions. For instance, a saved reply could provide information about accessing a particular historical record or the society's research guidelines.

  4. Messages Action Button: By adding a 'Send Message' button to your Facebook page, you can encourage more members and interested individuals to initiate conversations.


For historical and genealogical societies, the digital age presents both challenges and opportunities. By effectively leveraging tools like Facebook Messenger, societies can foster deeper connections, engage younger members, and ensure that the rich tapestry of our past continues to be explored and celebrated.



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