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Leveraging Social Media Trends To Connect With The Genealogy Community

In an increasingly digital age, the genealogy community has transcended physical boundaries and is now sharing, exploring, and learning in ways previously unimaginable.

Live Video Streaming

Among various tools, social media has emerged as a significant platform to create, share and discuss genealogical content, benefiting from extended exposure by tapping into the latest trends. One way is through "Live Video Streaming." Tools such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live provide members of the genealogy community the ability to share their journeys, discuss their experiences, and even host live tutorials on deciphering historical records or using specific genealogy software.

Storytelling Platforms

Another social media trend is the use of "Storytelling Platforms". Instagram and Facebook stories allow users to chronicle their genealogical adventures. This feature can be used to share interesting finds, keep followers updated on research progress, and provide visual content that can aid in understanding complex family networks.

Participatory Learning

An increasingly popular trend is "Participatory Learning". Sites like Reddit foster this culture. Subreddits such as r/Genealogy offer vast resources and opportunities to connect with fellow genealogists, contributing your knowledge and learning from others.

Podcasts and YouTube Vlogs

Also worth mentioning are "Podcasts" and YouTube "Vlogs". These platforms let you dive deep into genealogical topics, share research tips, success stories, and even chronicle challenges faced during research, providing a nuanced understanding of genealogy.

Hashtag Chats

X's (formerly Twitter) #genealogy or #AncestryHour offer trend-worthy ways to join bigger conversations or research threads.

Understanding what works best for you can be a game-changer as these social media trends offer different yet effective ways to connect with the genealogy community. Don’t merely exist on social media; be strategic about it. Tailor your choice to your content and audience - you might be surprised at the connections you develop within the genealogy community.


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