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Social Media Has Revolutionized Genealogy and Friendships

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Woman chatting virtually.

Buckle up, fellow Genealogist Enthusiast! We're on a thrilling journey that transcends time and space! In the grand tapestry of history, we stand at an unprecedented crossroads where our past, present, and future converge. Today, discovering your roots and expanding your family tree is just a #hashtag or DM away!

🌍 In the world that exists within our screens, the concept of 'meeting' people has been entirely reimagined. Now, we can connect with individuals across the globe from the comfort of our homes. We can share our family history discoveries, discuss our research hurdles, and maybe even stumble upon a distant cousin we never knew existed!

The magic of social media is that it doesn't differentiate between young and old. It's never too late to dive in, adapt, and join this global community. It's fascinating to think that our next great friend could be waiting for us in a genealogy group or under a common hashtag. Could it be a long-lost cousin, a newfound relative, or an expert who can help break down that elusive brick wall?

Remember, every great friendship begins with a single interaction. Don't be shy to slide into the DMs of someone who shares your interest. Ask a question, share an insight, or simply say hello! If you want to practice reach out to me, because I love meeting new people.

Social media isn't just a platform; it's a universe filled with endless possibilities. Let's use it to expand our family circles, and in the process, create amazing friendships. Here's to the #AncestorHunters of the digital age!


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